Key Advice for Truckers Seeking Out Overweight Permits

20 October 2022
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If you work as a full-time trucker, you may have loads that exceed the legally accepted weight amount in your state or the state you're traveling to. That's okay as long as you have an overweight permit, which you can get with ease if you just do a couple of things.

See What Qualifies as Overweight Cargo in Your State

There are going to be different rules when it comes to overweight permits depending on the state that you're working out of. For this reason, it helps to start this permitting process out by seeing exactly what your state defines as an overweight load. This information will be documented online, saving you from having to search that hard.

Then you can take your rig with cargo and head to a weigh station. If the gross weight exceeds the legal limit according to your state's trucking weight regulations, you'll need to get an overweight permit and have it processed before you start driving for a gig. 

Research Relevant Fees

You'll be asked to pay some fees to get an overweight permit for the cargo you plan on hauling throughout a state or multiple states. It's a good idea to find out what they are in advance to applying for this permit so that nothing takes you by surprise at any point.

You may have to pay a processing fee and other additional fees depending on your state, but these fees will be stated clearly so that you know exactly what you're paying for. It's a simple measure that can help you better plan for getting this necessary permit.

See How Long Permit Lasts

Once you verify you need an overweight permit for a load and you've researched relevant fees, it's important to now find out how long this overweight permit is going to last once it goes through. Again, these details can vary state by state, so you need to review your local overweight permit regulations.

See how long the permit will remain active so that you can avoid penalties later on when dealing with large loads that weigh a lot. Then as the end date approaches for this permit, you'll know when to renew just in time.

Traveling with overweight loads as a trucker is possible if you seek out overweight permits before beginning your journeys. Getting one of these permits and keeping it won't be a challenge if you just review their criteria according to the states you'll be working out of.