Ensuring Your Trucks Have The Right Overweight Permits

13 February 2020
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Working as a professional commercial driver will require you to adhere to a variety of rules and regulations. While many of these regulations will apply to the operation of the truck, there will also be regulations governing the paperwork that the driver will need to have in order to be compliant with these regulations such as for overweight permits.  Understand The Consequences Of Failing To Have Overweight Permits There will be many businesses that will need to transport extremely large and heavy items. Read More 

TEG Properties And Concerns Where Cars And Trucks Are Involved

25 November 2019
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TEG, or triethylene glycol, is a chemical compound that is used for dozens of purposes. Some companies use it to make plastics harder. Other companies use it in air sanitizers. More often than not, it is added to gasoline as a desiccant to remove extra water from gasoline and prevent freezing of water molecules in the gasoline. TEG's unique properties and some of the possible concerns you may have about it being added to your gasoline in your vehicle, are as follows. Read More 

Should You Transport Yoru Car From The US To Canada?

13 September 2019
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If you are going to be spending a good period of time in Canada, or you are planning a move from the US to Canada, then you may be wondering whether you should sell your car or if it is worth shipping the car to Canada so you will have it there to drive. You want to ask yourself some questions in order to determine what your best course of action would be regarding your car. Read More 

Preparing Your Oversized Boat For Transport

12 August 2019
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If you have an oversized boat, hiring professionals to transport it is certainly the easiest way to get it to the marina (or into storage). Not having to hitch up and pull the boat yourself is definitely a relief. However, you will need to do a little work in preparing the boat for its voyage. The following tasks must be completed before your boat is picked up by the transportation company. Read More 

What Are The Etiquette Expectations When Taking An Airport Taxi?

26 June 2019
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If you are flying into an airport in another city, the easiest way to ensure you make it to your hotel or accommodations safely is to take an airport taxi. Taxi drivers know the area, and you have a lot more protections with an official airport transportation company than you do with ride-shares and other transportation options. However, if you do not ride in airport taxis often, you might not be sure how to behave or what etiquette rules apply. Read More