4 Tips for Using an Airport Transportation Service for Departure

12 August 2022
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Do you need help getting to the airport for a flight that you plan to take? You have a few options for how to do it. You can either drive to the airport and pay for expensive parking, bother a friend to take you, or pay for an airport car service. Here are some tips if you decide to use the latter option for your transportation needs.

Book Your Transportation In Advance

A common problem that people run into is waiting until the last minute to book their airport transportation, which is when it may be hard to find someone to drive you to the airport. On the flip side, booking too far in advance can cause its own problems that you may not have thought of. 

Try to book your transportation a day or two before your flight. You do not know if there is going to be a change in departure time until the flight gets close, and you want to know exactly when the airport transportation service will pick you up. If the flight time changes, call the airport transportation company as soon as possible to ensure that you are picked up at the right time.

Let The Transportation Service Know Of Special Needs

If you have special needs when traveling to the airport, be sure to let the transportation service know when you book your ride. For example, you may be traveling in a large group and need two vehicles. You may have a child that uses a car seat that needs to be secured. You may be traveling with a pet that needs special accommodations. Don't assume that the right kind of vehicle will arrive when these problems can be solved with some warning in advance. 

Be Ready To Leave At The Scheduled Time

You should not be packing right up until your pick-up time, since you do not want your ride to the airport waiting on you to be ready. Make sure that you have everything packed and ready so that you can start making your way to the airport when your driver arrives. Not only is this a good idea to ensure that you arrive at the airport in time, but it is courteous to your driver as well. 

Tip Your Driver

It's always worth tipping your driver for a job well done. Not only do they get you to your destination safely, but they will likely be handling your bags for you as well. Tips are always appreciated when someone is performing a service for you.