Ensuring Your Trucks Have The Right Overweight Permits

13 February 2020
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Working as a professional commercial driver will require you to adhere to a variety of rules and regulations. While many of these regulations will apply to the operation of the truck, there will also be regulations governing the paperwork that the driver will need to have in order to be compliant with these regulations such as for overweight permits

Understand The Consequences Of Failing To Have Overweight Permits

There will be many businesses that will need to transport extremely large and heavy items. In addition to putting a lot of stress on the vehicle, these items can also impact the roads underneath the vehicle. As a result, most communities will require a vehicle hauling oversized items to obtain an overweight permit. Failing to have this permit can lead to extensive fines and even being prevented from continuing on their journey until the permit is obtained. Due to the fact that commercial trucks will need to stop at weight stations at various points, there is a high likelihood that this violation will be discovered.

Be Familiar With The Overweight Requirements Of The States Where You Will Operate

Meeting the requirements to legally haul overweight cargo can be especially difficult for businesses that operate across state lines. This is due to the reality that each state will be able to set its own rules concerning overweight vehicles. Additionally, there are federal weight limits that will need to be followed in some areas, which can further add to the complexity. These complex regulatory requirements may it necessary for businesses to thoroughly research these laws for any states before accepting contracts for oversized deliveries. Otherwise, the firm could face steep penalties.  

Take Advantage Of An Oversize Permit Service

Complying with all of the requirements concerning the weight of commercial trucks can seem daunting for small businesses. In fact, these businesses may fail to take advantage of some business opportunities due to assuming that it will be too costly and difficult to comply with these permitting requirements. Fortunately, there are overweight permit services that will be able to assist your businesses with this part of its logistical needs. When using these services, you will be able to provide the weight of the cargo being transported as well as the route that will be taken, and they can help assess whether overweight permits will be required. Generally, these services can complete this research within hours, which can ensure your business remains flexible while enjoying the benefits of using these services for overweight permits.