What Are The Etiquette Expectations When Taking An Airport Taxi?

26 June 2019
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If you are flying into an airport in another city, the easiest way to ensure you make it to your hotel or accommodations safely is to take an airport taxi. Taxi drivers know the area, and you have a lot more protections with an official airport transportation company than you do with ride-shares and other transportation options. However, if you do not ride in airport taxis often, you might not be sure how to behave or what etiquette rules apply. Here are some etiquette guidelines to adhere to during the ride.

Take a smaller cab if you can.

When you reach the taxi stand at the airport, you'll notice all of the cabs lined up, waiting for people who need rides. There will typically be some standard-sized cars and some larger SUVs. It's considered polite to take the smallest-size cab you can. If you're a single person with just one suitcase, take the regular sedan and leave the SUV rides for larger groups or those with a ton of luggage.

Know where you want to go.

Taxi drivers only make money when they are moving, so making them wait 10 minutes while you browse the internet to find the location of your hotel is impolite. Figure out where you need to go before you get into a cab. If your hotel is close to the airport, the cab driver will probably know how to get there without an address — but it's best to have an address to give them just in case.

Don't eat anything messy or smelly.

Eating in a cab is not strictly forbidden or anything. If you have a long ride to your destination and you haven't eaten all day, feel free to pull out a granola bar or other packaged treat to nosh on. Do not, however, eat anything messy or smelly, like pizza or a hot sub, in the cab. If you go around a corner and the food slips out of your hand, the driver will be left to clean it. Plus, he or she may not want to smell the odor of chicken finger sub for the rest of the night.

Tip considerately.

Tips are expected by airport cab drivers as long as the service was suitable. A good guideline is to start by tipping 10% of the total fee. If the driver provided anything extra, like bag services or water for the trip, you can leave a little more. 

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