Missing Your Battle Buddies? Host A Military Reunion In Reno & Lake Tahoe!

26 December 2017
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High school reunions typically take place at venues in the hometown. Family reunions typically take place in the patriarch's hometown. But military reunions? They can take place anywhere! If you and your military battle buddies have been wanting to have a reunion and haven't yet because you haven't been able to decide where to have it, consider Reno and Lake Tahoe in the winter! 

Reno, nicknamed the biggest little city, has casinos and a bustling nightlife. Lake Tahoe, with it's natural beauty, boasts eight world renowned ski resorts. Combined, it's as if two worlds collide into one vacation destination. What this means is that everyone in the group should find something enjoyable about the trip beyond catching up with each other since serving together. 

Here's how to put it all together. 

The Lodging 

Ideally, everyone in your group should stay in the same lodging or, at the very least, nearby. The first thing to determine is how many people will be in your group. Are you inviting just your squad, the platoon, or the entire company? Once you have the numbers together, you'll need to choose lodging to accommodate everyone and at everyone's price ranges. Lodging in Reno tends to be a bit more affordable than lodging in Lake Tahoe. Don't forget to ask for veteran's discounts when selecting where your group will stay. 

You can ask a hotel or resort to block off a group of rooms for you, based on the number of people attending the reunion. Also, the hotel can divide up the room costs for each person in each room. For example, four veterans staying in a $120 a night room would each be charged $30 a night, plus taxes and fees. 

The Transportation 

Since everyone will likely be arriving at various times and, possibly, on different days, be sure to instruct those going to the reunion to take a taxi, limousine, or airport shuttle to the lodging. Alternatively, if everyone is arriving during the same time frame, have everyone hang out in the passenger lounge until everyone arrives. Then, take transportation to the lodging. 

Book limousine services to provide transportation to and from Lake Tahoe for excursions to enjoy the slopes. Limousines are a preferred method of transportation for groups of skiers because they provide enough space for ski equipment and allow passengers to stretch out their tired legs on the ride back to the lodging after a long day out on the slopes.