Tips For Taking An Airport Tram

12 October 2017
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One of the best ways to get around an airport is on the airport tram, which is also sometimes known as a "people mover." Whether you're traveling to the next terminal or you're just wanting an easier to navigate a single terminal, the tram can be the answer. Don't be intimidated by riding the tram during your next airport visit. While doing so may take a little practice, you'll soon be hooked on this easier way to get around — and one that saves your feet, too. Here are some tips to keep in mind that will help you to successfully ride the airport tram.

Consult The Schedule

Don't just hop on the first tram that arrives and hope that it's heading where you want. Instead, take some time to consult the schedule that is posted at each tram stop. Sometimes, this may mean that a tram comes and goes without you getting on it, but you'll feel better if you understand the schedule first. The schedule will indicate how frequently trams make stops at the station you're at, as well as often identify tram routes by color. For example, if you need to get to a different terminal, reading the schedule could suggest that you need to take the blue tram. This means ignoring other colors of trams as they arrive.

Read The Time Board

Generally, there will be a digital board above the track at each tram stop. Reading this board can make you more confident as a tram user. Among the information that appears on this board is a countdown to the next tram arrival. For example, if you're looking for the blue tram, it may read "Blue Arrival: 10 Minutes." When you see such a message, you'll know that you have time to run to the bathroom or perhaps even grab a snack at a nearby airport store. You can watch the timer count down until you hear the tram approaching.

Don't Fuss With Your Suitcase

Once you're safely aboard the tram, you may feel like going through your suitcase to retrieve a specific article of clothing or personal item that you need. One thing that you may learn the hard way, however, is that tram travel is extremely quick. This can mean that you're pulling up to your destination in just a minute or two, and you may have your suitcase unzipped and your personal items strewn around you. Don't make this mistake — instead, wait until you're at your next destination to go through your suitcase.

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