When Renting A Limo

24 August 2017
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There are a few occasions that really call for a celebration; weddings, graduations, prom, and many more. Many people think that in order to rent a limo you must have a large event, but that is not the case. These large celebrations are great times to rent a limo, but there are plenty of times that you can rent a limo. Now, it is worth mentioning that not all limo services are the same, and there are a few ways to ensure that you get the very best. Here are a few actions to take before you rent your limo. 

Inspect The Limo

One of the very best things that you can do is look at the limo that you will be renting out. When you look online at different limo companies you will note that most of them are around the same price. However, you may be paying the same for a 1980's limo versus a 2017 limo. You want to know exactly what you are renting. So, call the limo agency and ask to see the limo that you want to rent. A reputable limo service will be more than happy to allow you to look at the car.


The cost of the car is usually set per hour. You should know that when you call to a limo agency they will usually ask you where you will be going. They need to factor in the gas that will be burned, so the company will actually factor in gas to the quote. However, you should be aware that you will be responsible for any tolls and parking. You do not want to get caught off guard when asked for the toll or the parking fee. If you want to know what the price includes be sure to ask the agency. The best limo agencies are extremely upfront with the fees. You should also know that traveling on a weekday is generally much cheaper than on a weekend.


When talking with a limo company remember that they need to have very good insurance, and drivers. Since a limo is a fun luxury you should not worry about having the agency show you that they are licensed and insured. You may also want to ask to see he driver's chauffeur license. These may seem like simple out of the ordinary questions to ask, but if you are in an accident while in a limo, you want the agency to be legitimate. 

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