Preparing Your Vehicle For Shipment Across The Country

13 July 2017
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If you intend on moving from one side of the country to the other in the near future, you are most likely in the process of preparing your belongings to get there. People who have vehicles have the option in sending them via auto shipper to get to their destination instead of having to drive them there themselves. It is important to take some steps in preparing for the use of this service for convenience and the reduction of the risk of damage to your vehicle. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Inquire About Specifics Well Before Your Moving Date

It is important to reserve a date for the moving of your vehicles well before your intended moving date. Most auto shipping services have schedules where they run to specific parts of the country at pre-determined intervals, however, other services may wait until they have filled their transport trucks with vehicles before they make a run. For this reason, it is best to call and inquire about the frequency of trips to the area where you are moving. It is also important to ask whether drop-off service is available or if you will need to get a ride to a holding area to retrieve your vehicles when they arrive.

Take Photographs Of Your Vehicles For Protection

An auto shipping service will have you fill out documentation pertaining to the condition of each of your vehicles. Be sure to list all flaws on this paperwork. This protects the auto shipping service from having to pay for damage they did not cause. For your own protection, take photographs of your vehicles from all angles. This will also serve as information about the condition of your vehicles before they had left your property. Be sure to have a date/time stamp available to show the timing of the photographs if you need to make a claim with an insurance company.

Get Your Vehicles Ready For The Ride

Do not fill your vehicles with personal belongings you want to move to your new home. This will weigh down the auto shipper in addition and will put your belongings at risk of being damaged or stolen as they will not be in a locked moving truck where they are monitored constantly. Ask the auto shipping service what their stipulations are regarding the amount of gasoline you have in each vehicle's gas tank. Many services will require you keep the gas tank at a low level to aid in the avoidance of a fire. Remove any electronics and vehicle decor before your vehicles are retrieved as well.