Yes, You Can Fly On A Private Jet, And You Don't Have To Be Rich

24 May 2017
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There's a general assumption out there that private jets aren't for normal, everyday people. The not so big secret is you can fly private and it doesn't cost a fortune. The only obstacle you may have to fly privately is a lack of knowledge on how the process works. Here's what you need to know to fly private.

You Don't Have to Own a Private Jet to Fly Private

You don't need to spend a few millions of dollars to buy a private jet. You don't need to have a rich friend with one gassed up and ready to go.

In fact, even if you do have the means to afford a jet of your own, it's usually not cost feasible to purchase one. Not once you consider the costs to maintain it, hire professionals to fly it, and go through the regulatory process that comes with owning it. The most cost effective way to fly privately for anybody is to charter a private jet.

Finding Private Jets to Charter Yourself Isn't Always Easy

Knowing it's possible to fly privately is one thing, actually finding a private jet to charter is something altogether different. There are dozens of private jet charters out there, but finding them individually isn't always easy to do. Instead, you can use a private jet charter broker like vincent jets to help you in your search.

A broker can help you navigate through the many options associated with flying private. For example, some planes go under-booked and fly out with whole sections empty. It's possible to catch a ride on such flights.

Some jets have to leave one location with no passengers, to pick up passengers at another location. If you're going in the same direction, it's possible to book an entire plane to yourself for very little money.

Some private plane services offer discounts to fill seats. There's a host of scenarios that can get you on a private flight. The easiest way to navigate these options is to use a broker who can pull together the information from disparate private flight companies, and give you options that fit your budget and schedule.

Consider a Private Jet for Your Next Trip

When people plan trips, their minds don't always jump straight to chartering a private jet. Now that you know it's possible to fly privately at affordable rates, you can consider a private jet charter broker when you're checking out travel methods for your trip. Often, these jets will fly in and out of smaller airports that can place you closer to your ultimate destination.