Airport Curbside Service Is Quick And Safe

16 January 2017
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Airport curbside service allows a passenger to check in with their air carrier, get their boarding pass, and check in their luggage at airport carrier counters that are outside of the airport terminal building. Curbside service offers many advantages especially if you are in a hurry. Here are some reasons to use airport curbside service when you travel:

Curbside Check-in Service Is Quick

The lines are shortest at airport curbside service. If you have purchased your airline ticket online, you can check in curbside and drop off your bags instead of going to the airline ticket counter. At curbside, you will be required to show your photo ID and either a booking confirmation, or passport, or e-ticket if you have booked your flight online. 

Curbside Check-in Service is Safe

It is always reassuring to hand your bags to an airline staff member than to leave your bags at the baggage drop desk. This face-to-face service will verify that you are at the right airline and confirm that all of your bags are traveling with you.    

Luggage Tag Safety

As long as you have adequately labeled all of your bags, checking in at curbside service is as safe as checking in at your air carrier's desk. Label each piece of your luggage with your first initial and last name, a cell phone number where you can be reached while traveling, and an email address (not your primary email address, but a free account you create to use on your luggage tag). When you check in your bags at curbside, an airport staff member will tag your bags with your destination airport and flight number to make sure that your bags are correctly routed to travel with you. 

Excess Baggage

If you are traveling with children and have car seats, strollers, or other excess baggage, you can witness that all of your baggage is correctly labeled and tagged at curbside before it is loaded on the airplane. Curbside service can do this and you do not have to wait in a lengthy queue at the airline carrier counter. 

Fees and Tipping

Although most airlines offer free baggage check-in service, you may be charged to check in your bags at curbside and even at the airline carrier counter. This fee is usually $2.00 per bag. Have a debit or credit card available to pay this fee. Also, airport skycaps are available at curbside to check in and tag your bags. Have cash on hand to tip the skycaps. 

Airport curbside service is a fast and convenient way to register with your air carrier before you go to the departure gate. This helpful service is usually available from 2 hours to 30 minutes before your flight departs. Confirm with your airline carrier to see when curbside service is available for your particular flight and destination.