Sold a Car Online and Need to Get It to the Buyer? Different Types of Cargo Trailers You Can Use

12 January 2017
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If you sold your car online, you can take the car to the buyer using a cargo trailer. This will save you a lot of money, as it would be very expensive to have a company ship the car to them. Below is some information about different types of cargo trailers you can use to help you get started.

Enclosed Cargo Trailer

Because you are transporting a vehicle, you should consider choosing an enclosed cargo trailer. This will protect the car from the weather elements as well as rocks and other debris. You can also lock this trailer to ensure the car is not stolen if you need to stop somewhere. Because these trailers are completely closed in, you will notice a lot of drag while you are hauling it, so it may take a little more time to get to your destination.

You need to be sure that you rent or purchase the right size of enclosed cargo trailer. This is because you have to drive the car through a door, and there are state laws that you will have to follow. For example, there are laws on the type of hitch, lights, and brake you will need to use.

Specialty Enclosed Cargo Trailers

You can also choose a specialty enclosed cargo trailer. These are available in different configurations and styles, and they are specially designed to fit what you are hauling. For example, because you are hauling a vehicle, you should be able to secure the vehicle inside the trailer using straps. These trailers have rear doors that generally fold down, and some also have a side door, which you can use if you need to check something in the interior without having to pull the entire car out.

Open Flatbeds with Fixed Sides

There are also cargo trailers that have a flatbed with fixed sides. This does not provide your car with a lot of protection, but this type of trailer is likely less expensive. If you are traveling a short distance, then this would like be okay for you.

These flatbed trailers have solid walls on each side to provide some weather protection. They have steel bars or wood slats on the walls so the car can be secured with tie downs. You can also attach a tarp over the car to provide more protection.

Contact a cargo-trailer sales representative in your area to learn much more about them to help you choose what would work best.