3 Prom Night Limo Tips for Parents

28 July 2015
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Prom night is an exciting night for teenagers, and it's exciting for parents as well—it's a milestone in your child's life that you'll want to look back and remember fondly. However, prom night is also a real source of concern for many parents.

Traditionally, teens stay out all night long on prom night. This comes with a few risks: inebriated or overtired drivers, experimentation with drugs and alcohol, and generally risky behavior being high on the list.

Renting a limo can help eliminate at least one concern: you'll know for certain that your child is in the car with a safe, experienced, sober driver. And a limo ride can be a fun and exciting treat for your child. Take a look at a few limo rental tips for parents that will help your child have a fun night and help you breathe a little easier on prom night.

Sharing a Limo? Collect Cash Early

You should make transportation arrangements at least a few weeks before prom, to avoid any chance of finding out that every limo company in town is booked. If you're planning to book a limo for your child and his or her date and friends, and you plan on having everyone chip in for the cost, make sure that you collect everyone's share of the money before you book the limo. It's a lot more difficult to get cash after the fact.

By the same token, you should make sure to ask the limo company for the total price up front, including any extras. You don't want to get your credit card statement a month after prom and find that you're being charged a few hundred more than you anticipated. If that does happen, you will have a hard time getting the other prom goers to chip in after the fact. Decide on any extras before prom night, and specify that your child and their friends are not allowed to add on extra charges on prom night.

Want Unique Pictures? Rent a Unique Limo

There are many types of prom picture poses, but the pose in front of the limo, just before your teen is whisked off to the dance, is one of the best. This is a great way to really capture the excitement and anticipation of the moment, and show off everyone's dresses, tuxes, hair, and makeup against the backdrop of the waiting limo. If you want pictures that are especially unique and fun, consider renting a unique kind of limo.

There's no reason that you have to stick with the stereotypically black or white sedan. Rent a stretch SUV or a limo bus for a different kind of look (and some extra room, too!) Some limousine companies even offer customized, one-of-a-kind cars with lots of add-ons decorating the interior and exterior of the car. You can even find custom-built trolley limos. Visit the limo company in person so that you can view all of your options and pick out something fun and special for your child's prom night.

Worried About Safety? Set Some Ground Rules

Ensuring that your child and their friends are being safely chauffeured to and from the prom should take at least some of the weight off of your mind, but there are still dangers that you should watch out for on prom night. Setting some ground rules can help. Begin by talking to your child about the consequences of destructive or impulsive behaviors, especially the use of alcohol and drugs. Emphasize that they can get into trouble using substances even if they aren't driving – overdoses and alcohol poisoning are also prom night dangers.

Don't be afraid to set rules with the limo company as well. As the parent, you have the right to set limits on your child's transportation for the night. You can instruct the driver not to make any unapproved stops—for example, no stops at the liquor store or at someone's house you don't know.

You can also ask that the driver keep the privacy screen down for the duration of the ride, so your teen won't be able to hide any illicit behavior in the back of the limo. And if things start to get out of control, you can give the driver instructions to turn the limo around and bring your child home immediately.

Prom should be a fantastic experience for your child and for you as a parent. A limo service like Millanio Limo can make an important contribution to a safe and memorable prom.